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Useful information on how to arrange an independent or
organised wine tour in Tuscany.

Wine tasting in Tuscany
Wine tasting in Tuscany

For wine lovers, Tuscany is a paradise, and what better way to explore this paradise than a wine tour?

Tuscany wine tours fall into two broad groups:

independent wine tours where you do your own planning and travel independently

organised wine tours where your guide arranges your wine itinerary, accompanies you either individually or as part of a group, and provides a useful commentary on the wines, vineyards and the entire wine zone.

Whether you drink wine occasionally or you're an authentic wine lover, getting to know Tuscan wines is a must, especially if you live outside Europe. It means understanding the difference between old and new world, and the culture of consuming wine as part of a meal, not as a "drink." Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking old world wines (mainly reds), are made with the dinner table in mind. In case of Tuscan reds such as Chianti and Brunello, this is very much the case. If you're used to big powerful Californian style wines, your first taste of a Chianti or Brunello could be disappointing, but drink them in the right context and you'll likely change your mind.

So how can you go about learning a little more? Well get yourself to Tuscany, and take a trip through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside with a wine tour guide of course! Click the links on this page and you'll find many interesting offers from highly qualified driver/guides. As mentioned above, there are basically two types of organised wine tour, private and group tours, but whichever you choose, the professionalism of your guide will be excellent.

Private Tuscany wine tours will generally involve being picked up directly from your accommodation which is very convenient, and having the services of the driver and minibus all to yourselves. This allows for some customization and maximum flexibility on the day. It will cost a little more than a group tour.
Group Tuscany wine tours will have a fixed but convenient pick up point, and you share the minibus with others up to a maximum of six other people. This can be fun as you meet other people who share your interests, while saving you some money with respect to a private tour.


with Sergio Ceccherini

wine tasting tours in Tuscany

For an professional and well-organised Tuscan winery tour, contact English-speaking Sergio Ceccerini at Scenic wine tours in Tuscany .

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